”Electronically lock and unlock!
Anything else is old-fashioned.“

Leave your old key on its hook …

In mechanical locking systems, a lost key can be extremely expensive. Security is compromised for several days. When an employee leaves a company and doesn't return their key, there is a risk to the company. Not only do new keys have to be produced, but often all cylinders also need to be replaced. That's why conventional locking systems have no place in modern companies.

… take control of the future.

Locking and unlocking car doors with electronic remote control keys has long been standard practice: press on the key and voilà. With the SimonsVoss Starter System, this solution now also works with all types of doors in buildings. Designed especially for small and medium-sized firms, the new solution relies on transponders instead of keys and electronic cylinders instead of mechanical ones. Ingeniously simple – simply ingenious.

SimonsVoss Starter System: the all-in-one solution for up to 20 doors and 100 authorised users.


  • Not just one advantage, but many.