Everything from a single source? The whole works!

The transponder – your electronic key.
Fitted with a high-performance battery, the SimonsVoss transponder can perform up to 400,000 locking transactions. The digital "key" addresses the electronic locking cylinder using radio signals. Activation will only work if authorisation  is valid. If a transponder is lost, it can be deactivated in an instant – a new one can be configured as required at the click of a mouse.

LSM software – your tailor-made solution.
The LSM Starter software runs on all standard PCs with Microsoft Windows XP or higher. It allows you to configure and administer customised locking plans. With just a few clicks, you can determine who has access to each room or facilities at a particular time. If you use cylinders with the access control function, the software logs all accesses and their duration.

The locking cylinder – your digital lock.
Cable-free, fast installation with no drilling: with its beautifully shaped design, the Digital Locking Cylinder 3061 can perform lock operations up to 300,000 times thanks to the integrated battery. Recognised certifications (VdS, BSI, SKG) underline the system's high level of security.

Programme using USB config device.

The USB config device effortlessly transmits data from your computer to the locking cylinder and transponder system hardware.